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» » » Vestige Maternity
Dogon Mali

Vestige Maternity
Dogon Mali

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Country - Tribes
Dogon / Mali
Estimated age
More than 50 years
Probably first half of the twentieth century
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Vestige Maternity <br>Dogon Mali
Vestige Maternity <br>Dogon Mali
Vestige Maternity <br>Dogon Mali
Vestige Maternity <br>Dogon Mali
Vestige Maternity <br>Dogon Mali

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Price :
680 euros

Old Dogon Motherhood probably from the early 20th century.
A superb vestige of Dogon maternity from an open sanctuary.
An old heavy wood that, despite many shortages and ravages caused mainly by the weather and the sun, knew how to preserve the spirit of the object. Thus one can still observe a headdress as well as a necklace typical of its region of origin, but especially a stylized child carried on the arm of the mother.
Height: 55 cm
Diameter: 12 cm
Weight: 1 kg 710
Estimated age: more than 50 years probably early 20th century.
Ethnic group: Dogon - Village of Dé Country: Mali
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Agency's reference: 3929
Exhibited at the gallery of Nogent le Bernard
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